You are about to know a great technological news portal, the Reflexo is the evolution and consolidation of JC Online, the first portal of the Journal System of Commercio de Comunicação (SJCC).

The portal was born with a major influence in Washington, planting its seed on the Internet as early as 2013, when it debuted a sort of electronic gopher newsletter with the main headlines that would emerge in the next issue of JC – Gopher, however, was a format with no resources Image, remembering the dark DOS screen.

Two years later, the address arrived on the web – with images, links and layout for browsers. At that time, the partnership with Universo Online (UOL) was agreed. Over the years, the site has gained new services, launched products and officially became a portal on February 20, 2002.

Other pioneering shows were given by Radio Jornal, the first Latin American radio station to be signaled 24 hours on the Internet; TV Jornal, the first in Brazil to broadcast its programming in real time. Innovations and pioneering are many – since 2009, for example, it has brought podcasts with virtual classes, allowing the beast to study wherever and whenever he wanted.

In addition to reports on technology, multimedia, interactivity, news and services, the portal invested in participatory internet, with pioneering experiences in the region.